By Brian Fischer
Best Trolling Motor Propellers

Types of Trolling Motor Propellers

There isn’t a wide selection available, but knowing the type of propeller you’ll be using can save you time while you’re out fishing. Take into consideration where you’ll be fishing most and if purchasing multiple propellers is a good idea. 

General Use

General use props are likely what came stock on your trolling motor. There isn’t anything fancy about them, but they will get the job done. Almost all propellers are made of a material like aluminum, stainless steel, or bronze with a special coating.

Weedless or Weed-Cutting

These propellers are specifically for areas that have heavy underwater vegetation. The blade is designed to either cut through the seaweed and underwater growth, or avoid tangles. 

Underwater vegetation

Seaweed, vines, lily pads, and other unseen underwater vegetation can get caught in your propeller blades and cause power issues.

Speed and Efficiency

Some propellers are designed specifically for speed and efficiency, rather than chopping through weeds. These propellers are especially useful for traveling longer distances since they require less energy from your boat’s battery to operate. Some propellers are even optimized specifically for shallower waters. 

Blade Features


Compatibility is the #1 feature you will want to check. The table below shows which propellers can fit which models. 





Machete 3 Trolling Motor Propeller



Minn Kota Power Pro Replacement







The size of the blade matters in regards to weight and drag. A larger blade will typically create more drag in the water due to increased surface area. However the design of the blade plays a bigger role. 

Shape and Blade Count

The shape and blade count are arguably the most important features in propeller design. 3 blades, rather than 2, offer increased output in the water, although add to the weight of the design. 

One is not necessarily better than the other and with the price so low, it’s worth trying out 2 or 3 different models to determine what you like best. 

How to Replace a Propeller

Replacing a trolling motor propeller is usually quick and easy. For many aftermarket options, there’s only a nut and washer that has to be removed. This makes it easy to replace a prop away from shore if your current one becomes damaged. 


With how inexpensive an extra propeller is, it never hurts to have a backup on hand in case you run into issues. Take into consideration where you’ll be fishing and don’t forget to fully charge the battery a day or two before departure. 

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